Friday, September 08, 2006

The moon, the ant and the fly

I have owned 3 cameras. All were ultra zoom cameras. The first was the fuji S5000. Next I owned an Olympus C740. The last one is the Canon S2 IS which I still have. I am not a photographer but this one gave me the best results for the money. The features it has make it an enjoyable piece of electoronics. It gave me pictures with less noise levels and the Image stabilazer allowed me to get sharper images.

While I was learning how to use it, I took pictures from macro (close onjects), super macro (almost attached to the lens objects) and telephoto image (object that is so far that it can be assumed at infinity). What is better than the moon to picture from the farther world?! The fly (macro) and the ant (super micro) pictures required quite a work since you need them (the ant and the fly) not to move while shooting.


Bassam said...

Where is the picture of the moon, fly, and the ant??????

Al-Saqer said...

They are inside the post. I see them my self when I open the post, don't you?

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