Sunday, September 24, 2006

When Issra first walked

When she turned exactly 14 months. On Nov 2nd, 2006. You can watched from google directly here.

Abrar first baba

On Sep 5th, 2006 Abrar said baba for the first time.

Abrar first walk.

Two weeks after her failed try to walk, Abrar Could walk few steps on Sep 16th, 2006.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Issra does her funny face

It took quite fair load of convincing before Issra could show me her funny face. This video was shot on Sep 18, 2004, two weeks after her first birthday.

When Abrar is sleepy

I noticed that whenever Abrar is falling asleep, she starts pulling her hair! Why would you think she does this? I took this video on Sep. 18th, 2006.

Abrar and Issra in front of the apartment

Here are Issra and Abrar in front of the apartment. It was taken on August 3rd, 2006. Click on thumbnail for larger image. I will try my best to upload more pictures (I have tons of them) and more videos as time permits.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Abrar tries to walk

This was shot on Sep 5th 2006, eleven months after Abrars' day of birth. You can also watch it directly from Google's video: here. By the way, the video is taken with my canon S2 IS digital camera. Wonderful camera.

Konica Minolta 2430DL color laser printer driver for Fedora 5

Do you have a konica minolta 2430DL printer and want it to run under cups for Fedora 5? I have built rpms (x86_64 and i386) for this printer. Install them and then you will find an entry for its driver in the printer drivers list. This driver is built using a modified manufacturer spec file. You will need to install jbigket (known also as libjbigkit) for the driver to work. Visit my repository and choose the rpm from the proper arch of your computer. For your covinience, this is a direct link to the rpm: x86_64 and i386. Enjoy your printer.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fedora 5 RPMS

To the right of this post (or maybe to the left :)) you will find a link to poersonal collection of Fedora rpms that are either not existing in the main fedora repositories (core/updates/extra/livna) or are modified to meet some personal needs. Time permitting, I will say something about each package and why is it here. In the meantime, this ChangeLog can give you slight hints.

If you have the same yum.repo.d configuration as I have, these packages shall install and run with no problem.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The moon, the ant and the fly

I have owned 3 cameras. All were ultra zoom cameras. The first was the fuji S5000. Next I owned an Olympus C740. The last one is the Canon S2 IS which I still have. I am not a photographer but this one gave me the best results for the money. The features it has make it an enjoyable piece of electoronics. It gave me pictures with less noise levels and the Image stabilazer allowed me to get sharper images.

While I was learning how to use it, I took pictures from macro (close onjects), super macro (almost attached to the lens objects) and telephoto image (object that is so far that it can be assumed at infinity). What is better than the moon to picture from the farther world?! The fly (macro) and the ant (super micro) pictures required quite a work since you need them (the ant and the fly) not to move while shooting.

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